• Amazon Web Services : Amazon Web Services | Whitepaper

    HIMSS Media partnered with HIMSS Analytics to publish this vital thought-leader whitepaper on Healthcare’s steady-but-cautious shift to cloud-based analytics tools. As more and more data moves to the cloud, Amazon wants to be top-of-mind when major hospitals and IDNs decide to invest in cloud storage and analytic tools.

  • Deloitte : Deloitte | eBook

    Deloitte has deep expertise in understanding the needs of various patient populations, in relation to cost, quality, convenience and use of technology in patient engagement. How best to highlight so much knowledge? HIMSS Media helped create an extensive e-book which connects readers with several other, more in-depth research studies.

  • Sample : Symantec | Infographic

    Symantec asked HIMSS Media to research and develop an infographic that illustrates the importance of protecting patient data — and the risks of a potential breach. This infographic was an effective tool in promoting the Symantec brand within social media channels.

  • Insight : Insight | Executive Summary

    Insight helps hospitals better engage with patients, ensuring the care experience is seamless for both providers and patients across a wide array of touch points, from billing to hospital signage. To create interest in a more in-depth whitepaper, they asked HIMSS Media to produce an executive summary that outlines the key areas of patient engagement and their relative importance to their financial success.

  • CorePoint : CorePoint | Case Study

    CorePoint, a leader in creating seamless health data integration tools and exchanges, wanted to highlight a very successful client engagement for Southcoast Health System, which needed to bridge several disparate systems, including their EMR, their blood bank systems, a PACS system, and their radiation oncology system. HIMSS Media brought this multi-year engagement to life in a succinct, yet informative and engaging Case Study.

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