We’re obsessed with people who work in healthcare B2B. Obsessed with getting under their skin, on their mind, into their hearts. And we’re obsessed with creating the content that gets us there. We’re the HIMSS Media Lab.

As part of HIMSS Media, we’ve created the largest content laboratory in the industry.

Our ever-growing content library now contains over 350,000 assets, which we very happily and scientifically study, in order to better understand how to best engage our HIMSS’s 400,000+ audience members. We track how each and every piece of content fulfills our audiences’ needs, both from an informational and emotional standpoint, whether online or at live events.

That’s an asset library, an audience, and an engagement platform that no one in the industry can match. 

More importantly, it’s yielded a body of knowledge that helps us create new, nuanced content for our clients — content that triggers an authentic connection with a target audience. And the most fun part? Taking our clients with us on the journey of discovery. Together, we uncover lots of surprising insights. Insights that drive better engagement. Our mad breed of science reveals unique and actionable insights, but that’s just the beginning. Producing world-class content requires a range of disciplines:

The Center Content Analytics — Tasked with research and analysis, the CCA scientifically validates who your target audience is, and what makes them engage, emotionally and informationally.

Custom Content Team — Its mission is to develop the “enriched” content and determine the formats needed, based on the findings of our CCA team.

Design Team — The design team delivers agency-grade graphic design skills to effectively visualize your content, and when needed, keep it on-brand.

Audience Analysis — This team deploys our enriched content assets as prescribed — whether they’re disseminated within the HIMSS universe or beyond — monitors and optimizes engagements, and delivers captured leads.

  • John Whelan

    Executive Vice President, HIMSS Media

    John has a panache for managing media businesses and positioning them for growth — something he’s been doing for 20+ years. Prior to becoming the fearless leader of HIMSS Media, he held senior management and business development roles at Summit Business Media, Wicks Business Information, Source Media (formerly Thomson Media) and Oxford University Press in the UK. In his spare time, John spends time with his family, watches Premier Soccer and walks the streets of New York looking for the perfect cup of coffee.

  • Betsy Kominsky

    Vice President, Sales & Business Development

    A self-admitted data junkie, Betsy is an innovative thinker and content marketing evangelist. She is the founder of the HIMSS Media Lab - which was born out of a desire to help clients go deeper with their audience data in order to achieve higher quality engagement. Betsy inspires clients and the HIMSS Media Lab team to work smarter, be creative and deliver results. Whether it’s a late night call from a client wanting to pick her brain, or helping her kids with homework, Betsy always seems to be available and makes it look easy.

  • Frank Cutitta

    Senior Director, Center for Content Analytics

    As head of our Center for Content Analytics, Frank builds "weapons of mass discussion," aka, compelling content that buyers can’t resist. He’s launched media and data companies in 95 countries, served as global CEO of the International Advertising Association, and was named one of the top 40 influencers and innovators in media. Frank also teaches graduate courses at Northeastern University, and, if you ask nicely, will offer you some of his homemade beef jerky.

  • Joe Haddock

    Vice President, Digital Strategy & Solutions

    Joe is the architect and engineer behind our world-class lead generation tools and audience tracking engine. Joe's success stems from a belief that technology should support strategy, not drive it. His digital development skills are undisputed, but it’s his ability to read behavioral data like tea leaves, then deliver quality leads that makes Joe so valued by the Media Lab team and clients alike. When Joe’s not getting all giddy over campaign results, he likes to forage for wild mushrooms and water ski.

  • Patty Enrado

    Senior Manager, Custom Content

    A seasoned writer and healthcare IT expert, Patty is our Queen of Content. She can shift gears quickly, able to switch from a Meaningful Use whitepaper project to a Cybersecurity webinar in milliseconds. Patty ensures that all of our clients' content is engaging, relevant and performs well for our clients. She is also a novelist, and her debut novel A Village in the Fields was shortlisted for the Seventh William Saroyan International Prize for Writing, Fiction, in 2016.

  • Gus Venditto

    Vice President, Content Development

    How do HIMSS Media brands maintain such high levels of editorial authority in healthcare IT? With strong leadership powered by Gus. Gus oversees the editorial teams that deliver news and analysis to hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals. For 20+ years, Gus has been expertly managing or developing B2B content, with stops at Dow Jones, Ziff-Davis and Internet.com. Gus has authored six books on technology.

  • Janet King

    Senior Director, Market Insights

    An unabashed research geek and entrepreneurial business executive, Janet brings 25+ years of experience in B2B tech and media research to the HIMSS team. Her knack for applying a variety of research approaches to strategic business problems has delivered an impressive lineup of research programs for a global roster of Fortune 1000 companies. Mic drop. A business strategist, and storyteller, Janet has a penchant for leveraging research to fuel data-driven strategic decision-making. When she's not making it rain with finding creative solutions for her clients, you can find her exploring Maine with her family and Bernese Mountain Dog.

  • Cari McLean, MBA

    Senior Director, Audience Development, HIMSS Media

    Cari builds relationships. And in her world, engaging content and digital interactions are the currency in which these relationships develop. She leads the audience acquisition and engagement strategy for HIMSS Media’s suite of market leading brands in healthcare and technology. This strategy engages over 1.5 million users. When she’s not working, you'll find her taking yoga or checking out an improv or dance performance in Chicago.

  • Stephanie Hedlund

    Director, Product Marketing & Sales Enablement

    Strategy + analytics + technology. Stephanie and her team of marketers live and breathe all things sales enablement, content marketing and the marketing lifecycle for HIMSS Media's portfolio in the healthcare IT marketplace. Her ability to translate business goals and KPIs into actionable holistic marketing strategies has driven revenue and performance in the B2B financial services and media industries. She lives in Portland, Maine, with her family.

  • Sumit Sharma

    Director, Social Media

    Sumit and his team are experts in aligning social media plans with the emotional and information needs of a client’s audience. They’re also expert at growing the overall social community for HIMSS Enterprise. Clients really “LIKE” Sumit’s innovative approach to social media programs, and often “FOLLOW” his guidance for reaching audiences through social channels. Originally from Boston, Sumit is now getting used to Chicago.  

  • Peggy Diab

    Director, Events

    There’s little room for error when producing live events. That’s why we’re glad Peggy’s on the job. Peggy joined HIMSS Media in 2012 fully equipped with 10+ years of experience in event strategy and management. Peggy is responsible for overseeing and executing all HIMSS Media events across North America and select international markets, including custom thought leader events for their clients and prospects.

  • Karen White

    Senior Project Manager, Marketing Solutions

    Being a good project manager takes the grace of a dancer and the grit of a drill sergeant. We’re glad to have both in Karen, as she keeps projects moving, and our clients calm. Equipped with 20+ years in B2B media project management, Karen oversees the development of client-based marketing solutions. When she’s not being the task master, Karen volunteers for a variety of community projects. 

  • Sean Roberts

    Director, Strategic Partnerships

    Sean has a nose for new revenue streams and strategic partnerships. With 20+ years of global experience in account management and business development, Sean has a proven track record for driving revenue and developing strategic collaborations, both public and private. Sean is instrumental in creating custom, mission-driven solutions that benefit HIMSS and our clients.

  • Allison Surette

    Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships

    Allison's ability to spot new business opportunities is matched only by her charm. Her forward-thinking, solutions-based approach helps her domestic and international clients reach their business goals and effectively optimize their efforts to engage HIMSS Annual Conference attendees. While not hard at work, she organizes her legendary shoe collection by designer and enjoys paddle boarding at her family's lake house in Maine. 

  • Deborah Crimmings

    Senior Sales Manager

    Deborah likes to turn media into something magical for her clients. How does she make the magic happen? By building custom, integrated, high-impact marketing solutions to meet each business challenge. Deborah’s been serving B2B media clients for 17+ years, and relishes the creative back-and-forth that leads to successful programs. When she’s off the clock, Deborah enjoys traveling, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

  • Susan Stilwill

    Associate Publisher

    Susan eats, sleeps and breathes marketing effectiveness. She knows how much is on the line when clients invest in advertising, events, and digital marketing solutions, so Susan works tirelessly with her clients to ensure awareness levels are met and leads are delivered. In her time at HIMSS Media, she quickly learned the nuances of marketing within the healthcare industry. Prior to joining us, Susan worked at a range of B2B media companies where she perfected the art of creating integrated marketing programs. 

  • Regina Dexter

    Senior Sales Manager

    Regina Dexter's creativity knows no bounds. Not only does she wow clients with integrated marketing programs and create clever thought leadership solutions that include digital, social and live event platforms, Regina dabbles in interior design, does her own home renovations, likes to cook and tends to her garden and landscaping. Did we mention she paints?

  • Sean Tyhurst

    Senior Sales Manager

    You don’t win awards in sales without being highly-driven, and laser focused on client service. Spend a few minutes with Sean and you’ll see why he’s won those awards. Sean’s success comes from building trust and delivering results for his clients. Colleagues and clients alike enjoy his energetic, decisive and dynamic approach to addressing marketing challenges in the healthcare environment. When Sean’s not obsessing over his clients' marketing programs, he enjoys time with his family and attending live sports events and concerts.

  • Jen LaFlam

    Sale Director

    Jen’s been called a “strategic activator,” and an “ideation conception lover.”  Basically, she’s just damn good at building and managing media products. Jen has been working in Fortune 500 and mid-sized media businesses for 20+ years. Her motto? “Understand the people and brands. Build campaign to meet it. Measure it. Monetize it. Repeat.” Jen enjoys the intensity of B2B healthcare marketing, which might also explain her love of skiing in Colorado, dark chocolate and strong coffee.

  • Kelly Laidler

    Sales Director

    Working in healthcare technology requires you to constantly adapt to new products and the needs of the market. Kelly’s kept her finger on the pulse for over 15 years, as the industry has evolved into the highly competitive, complex and exciting marketplace it is today. Kelly’s shown an uncanny ability to earn her clients’ trust and help them navigate the vast number of opportunities, while focusing in on proven marketing programs. 

  • Sarah Conner

    Senior Project Manager, Web Services

    Sarah makes planning and executing umpteen web initiatives look easy. She's an ace at working with multiple teams to manage timelines, relationships, and resources to achieve compelling results. Sarah's been killing it at HIMSS for 10+ years, where she first had her start in front-end development. She loves collaborating with the creative minds and skilled team members at HIMSS to build engaging experiences for our audiences. When she's not taking names in Web Services, you'll find her printmaking, painting, traveling, and taking advantage of Chicago's rich cultural environment.

  • Erin McCann

    Marketing Copywriter

    Erin has the predilection for the written (and digital) word. Her role requires getting marketers, clients and our audience to click, open, read, reach out, attend, purchase, pose an inquiry, ink a contract and, ultimately, engage – all with 26 letters, eight parts of speech, industry vernacular, and some good ol' fashioned alchemy. 

  • Darla Williams

    Graphic Designer

    Bringing complex healthcare and technology messages to life is no small task. Darla's design work is pretty, but more importantly, performs its role in engaging audiences. Darla is an award-winning graphic designer with 20+ years of experience, in both the ad agencies and corporate in-house design departments. One of her many signature moves is designing complex data to be more engaging. Outside the office, Darla spends quality time with her daughters, and focuses on her art projects, including pottery and working with glass.

  • Joe Pavlik

    Director, Digital Design

  • Eric Bailey

    Project Manager, Digital Events & Video

    Eric enjoys telling a good story, but he loves showing one even more. An award-winning independent filmmaker and multimedia producer with over a decade of experience in video production and content management, Eric leads HIMSS Media’s video content strategy and services. His personable approach with clients focuses on achieving goals of message, design, voice, and audience for great results. Speaking of voice, you might recognize his on some of our virtual events and podcasts as well.

  • Henry Powderly

    Senior Manager, Digital Content Strategy

  • John Finison

    Digital Content Producer

    John helps manage the content across our websites, newsletters, and an ever-expanding roster of subdomains. He has a passion for highly detailed and varied work as well as a keen eye for optimization and the ability to stay on top of the latest trends. Coming from a background in web design, SEO, and electronic music production John always has one eye on the future and the other trained firmly on the present, juggling multiple projects across clients and content types with ease and precision. When he's not working, John can be found writing, mixing, and performing electronic music or catching up on the latest net culture.