Moore’s Law of Post-HIMSS Annual Conference Content

Moore’s Law of Post-HIMSS Annual Conference Content

Your content could be past its February 2017 sell-date.

I’ve been involved in many technology marketing sectors over the years but I’ve seen none that come to quite the crescendo as healthcare IT at the HIMSS annual conference. I’ve had the chance to experience this first hand as HIMSS board member and most recently in launching the Center for Content Analytics within the newly formed HIMSS Media Lab.

We share the challenge of HIT marketers in assuring that our content at the conference reaches its peak between February 18th to 23rd.  We also use the conference to determine how we need to recalibrate those messages based on their reception in sessions and in our specialty pavilions. In addition to the commerce aspects of the conference we view it as a 40,000 person focus group on how content resonates and how much data insight is extracted as a result.

The truth is, despite the need to develop content that has long legs, the incredible market noise at the annual conference has a way of shifting the trajectory of products and their messaging.

The fact is that not unlike the technology it represents, there is also a “Moore’s Law of Content”. Those old enough to remember its author Gordon Moore from Intel, recall that the speed of transistors or chips would grow exponentially every 2 years. Those unable to keep up with that velocity of change (or change of velocity) would become obsolete. Many would argue that the change in overall technology sophistication has more than doubled over two years what with artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive computing.

In many ways the content related to these technologies must move faster than the evolution and launch of the technologies themselves. Consider how long you’ve been working on content related to product announcements at HIMSS17. Many companies began this process shortly after scoping the marketplace while attending last year’s HIMSS 2016.

In our content audits and analyses we see dozens of inventories made up of content assets created in 2015 and early 2016. We’re forced to inform these companies that they have fallen victim to Moore’s Law of Content.

So does this imply that there must be a total replacement of content every 2 years.

Absolutely not.

It goes without saying that the dynamics of your market will require totally new content assets that reflect the most contemporary snapshot of your segment. HIMS17 will provide the opportunity to validate the efficacy of your new content in the lead-up to the show and in a face-to-face setting in Orlando.

The show will also reinforce that some of your better content may simply need to be refreshed in order to protect the original investment. But experience tells us that most vendors realize that some less compelling or contemporary assets must be totally retired and replaced with totally fresh material.

For example our work has migrated to creating high impact video that requires little to no sound, and only minimalist text given the decibel levels and visual distractions on the show floor.

So as you conduct your post conference analysis consider the following 10 key questions:

  1. Did my pre-conference and onsite content resonate by driving customers to our exhibits  and events?
  2. Were there competitor content strategies that attracted target buyers more effectively that your own.
  3. Were there new content themes and buyer personas that emerged during the sessions and specialty exhibits .
  4. Have you developed a post-con content specifically for the variety of customer behaviors that occurred during the show or are they random acts of content ?
  5. Did our content throw the “data exhaust” and insight you expected to measure ROI ?
  6. Is there prescriptive content that maps with these behaviors.
  7. Does marketing’s vision for the success of the content align with the views of the salesforce ?
  8. What emerging marketing technologies could you leverage from your observations on the show floor ?  (Virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms, interactive customer experiences with social media)
  9. Do you have the ability to do this competitive analysis yourself or could HIMSS quantitative and qualitative data be leveraged for further prescriptive content development.
  10. Or do you need a partner to help you avoid random acts of content and assure the futureproofing necessary  to prevent falling victim to Moore’s Law.

Call us today….your content sell-by date could be well past expiration !