Developing a Pre-Audit Checklist for your Content

Developing a Pre-Audit Checklist for your Content

Ready to create breakthrough content? It all starts with a comprehensive look at your existing content and strategy. Follow our checklist to get started.

Come together. Determine who will lead and communicate the audit process internally. If needed, get buy-in from the C-Suite

Set your goals. Determine the ‘why’ of the audit. Here are some ideas…

  1. General inventory
  2. Analyze and compare content themes
  3. Content mapping/collaborative filtering (?)
  4. Improve your content’s depth engagement
  5. Better or higher quality leads
  6. Improved lead nurturing

Who did what and why. Gather all available content assets, note who developed them, and how these assets were leveraged or promoted. Assets can include…

  1. White papers
  2. Webcasts
  3. Social Feeds
  4. Web Pages
  5. Sales enablement materials
  6. Marketing materials

Sources can include…

  1. Marketing
  2. Field marketing
  3. Sales
  4. Corporate
  5. Media partners
  6. Analyst relations
  7. Social Media Team
  8. Advertising/PR agencies
  9. Research department
  10. Web development team
  11. Online community managers

Determine the depth of the audit. Observations and analysis come in many flavors. Here are some ideas…

  1. Superficial taxonomies and demographics
  2. Aligning messaging with customer research
  3. Gap analysis – determining what’s missing
  4. Audience insights — Purchase stages and personas
  5. Alignment of assets with corporate marketing messages
  6. Degree of difficulty
  7. Evergreen or dated
  8. Sales slant of thought leadership/native
  9. Propensity to be forwarded/retweeted
  10. Ability to be mapped with other content

Pick your benchmarks. Think about which independent measurements you’ll use to assess the content quality, positioning and alignment with purchase cycle and personas

Set a budget. Determine what internal/external resources and budget will be required to conduct this audit in the scope and depth necessary

Assess your team’s capabilities and credibility. Take a close look at your current content partners to determine whether it better to build or buy the team needed to execute your improved content initiative. Make sure your new team has the ability to create, refresh, realign and map the content asset library based on the results of the audit. And of course, determine whether your content partners can deliver more or better higher leads according to the results of the audit, gap analysis and the entire content recommendation process.


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